In this article we will discuss the implementation of Shellsort algorithm and its various gap sequences and their impact on the performance of the algorithm. What is Shellsort? Some argue that shellsort is mainly a variation of Insertion Sort algorithm since we are moving elements only one position ahead. So, it can be considered as generalization of insertion sort, enabling distant entries to exchange with each-other. We can summarize the idea of shellsort into the following steps:

  1. Pick a value for the gap.
  2. Divide the array into equal subarrays of size gap.
  3. Sort the subsequences using Insertion Sort.
  4. Decrease the…

After reading and reflecting on some different articles on Data Science, I personally think that the article from DataJobs is quite informing. Also, despite the fact that in academia Wikipedia is usually underestimated, I think that its article on data science is very well formulated and accurate. Anyhow, what made DataJob’s article more convincing was that the article included the most essential information about all the aspects of data science as a new field, whilst the others were either too short, or not very inclusive. Also, I found thearticle to be more straightforward and down to earth. …

Flavjo Xhelollari

Computer Science and Mathematics student @American University in Bulgaria, interested in Data Science and AI. Experienced Undergraduate Teaching Assistant.

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